Re-Integration of America by Obama

It goes without saying that black people can live anywhere we want in America. But that doesn’t stop Obama from implying that people living in certain neighborhoods are racists.

So what if you’ve worked hard to move away from the riff-raff, regardless of color. That doesn’t mean you’re not subject to social engineering of the government.

By way of government edict, Obama wants to reintegrate America. Liberal policies have driven blacks to self-segregate, preferring to live in “black neighborhoods,” watch BET, attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities, listen to “black music,” and essentially abandon what black racists consider the “white world.”

And because black Liberals have created these hell-holes, it’s hard-working, tax-paying Americans of all colors who must pay.

Years ago, I lived in an exclusive area of Plano. The residents were CEOs of companies, athletes and their trophy wives, artists, and so on. I was fortunate to have worked hard, and was living my little dream. I don’t know how many blacks were in the neighborhood (I didn’t count them), but I didn’t live far from Deion Sanders. I was proud to have distanced myself from Hayes Street in San Antonio, where I grew up.

When I moved into that neighborhood, there were no white people trying to keep me out. And when Deion moved in, it was practically celebratory for the neighborhood to have such a high profile athlete in the enclave.

I remember driving by what would become my neighborhood, years before I could afford to live there, and I daydreamed: “One day I will live in that neighborhood.”

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I made it a reality, and I didn’t need the government to do it.  Obama’s plan involves bringing the projects to that type of neighborhood, forcing neighborhoods to meet some sort of crazy statistical standard.

I can’t wait for somebody to sue to make sure that black neighborhoods are broken up, and a rider on that legislation forces white Democrats to live in those neighborhood. And which of these tolerant Liberals will be the first to gentrify Compton, 8-mile, North St. Louis, the south side of Chicago?

And since this is Obama’s idea, let’s build a project right next to his new $35 million dollar mansion. While we’re at it, let’s go ahead and put the check-cashing place and the bailbondsman business in the strip mall down the street.

Further, I want to see white Democrats be forced to send their children to “black” schools, all for the sake of diversity. To be a fly on the wall, as white Liberals debrief their newly enlisted gang-banging sons, and their pregnant daughters after Day 1 of their little experiment.

The evidence is pretty clear. White Conservatives build pretty nice cities. Black Liberals move in, and white people run to the suburbs. Cities go to hell. Liberal whites run to join Conservative whites and Conservative blacks in the suburbs. Cities become war zones. Stupid black president mandates that blacks leave war zones and move to the suburbs.

There’s your cycle.