San Francisco’s Crazy Illegal-Loving Sheriff

The sheriff of San Francisco is guano (bat crap) crazy.

It’s not enough that this fool condones the killing of an American citizen in his jurisdiction, by an illegal lawbreaker.

But then he blames the Fed.

As Fox News reports:

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi defended Sanchez’s release and the city law requiring it to ignore ICE detainer requests. The sheriff said ICE could have obtained a warrant or court order to keep Sanchez in custody.

Mirkarimi has also repeatedly backed up the city’s policy of not complying with federal requests to detain illegal immigrants for deportation.

“My long-held belief is that local law enforcement should not be in the civil immigration detainer business,” San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi said last year, after the policy was adopted.

Mirkarimi has also tried to push some of the blame on the agency.

“If ICE does not provide the proper legal instrument, they are jeopardizing also the city’s ability to detain somebody against their will,” he said. “We need ICE to step up. … ICE knew that he had been deported five times. You would have thought [Sanchez] met a threshold that he required a court order or a warrant. They did not do that.”

Just the idea that these guys are pointing the finger at each other over the death of a citizen they are supposed to protect means they should be kicked out of office. Leftist politicians are the best people to ask for directions, because they excel at finger-pointing.

But there is more news on the sheriff. He actually is on record condoning a cop killer.

Look on Pg 2 of this document, and you can see that he was on the Board of Supervisors that urged for a new trial for cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.



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