Shooting in San Francisco: Good news for Liberals

Now that Liberals run America, there is no such thing as bad news.

So when I learned of a random woman shot and killed in San Francisco, I put on my Liberal logic hat, and found the sunny side of life.

According to Fox News:

A woman out for a stroll with her father Wednesday along the San Francisco waterfront was killed by a man in an apparent random shooting, police say.

The shooting occurred in the evening at Pier 14 – one of the busiest tourist destinations in the city and a place where people gather to take in the views, joggers exercise and families push strollers at all hours of the day and night.

Liz Sullivan told the San Francisco Chronicle that the killing of her daughter, Kathryn Steinle, was unbelievable and surreal.

“I don’t think I’ve totally grasped it,” Sullivan said.

Tragic, right. A woman out for a stroll, and BOOM, it’s all over. Liberals will blame global warming or the Confederate flag, but what we do know is in a shooting, a GUN was involved! Perhaps the real culprit is “strolling.” Who is this woman to believe she can freely stroll? Doesn’t that require a PERMIT?

I did mention there was good news, right?

As it turns out, two TV crews reporting on the killing were later mugged at the scene with a masked gunman pistol-whipping a camera operator. The robber took cameras from KNTV and KTVU before he jumped into a black BMW and fled the scene.

What this means is no harm no foul. If the media hasn’t sanctioned the story, then it simply didn’t happen. It’s like Democrat racism…PROVE IT!

Of course I saved the best news for last. The shooter was not the Confederate flag or global climate change, and it wasn’t even a black “gentle giant on his way to college.” No, this culprit was a Mexican!

According to police, they arrested Francisco Sanchez in the shooting an hour after it occurred. We can only hope in Utopia that Francisco is an illegal.

Update: Sanchez IS an illegal!

U.S. immigration officials said Friday that the San Francisco Police Department did not honor a request they made in March to hold onto a Mexican citizen now charged in the random shooting of a tourist on the San Francisco pier.

Francisco Sanchez, 45, has been charged with killing a 31-year-old woman who was strolling with her family along the scenic Embarcadero waterfront on Wednesday evening, police said.

The victim, identified as Kathryn Steinle of Pleasanton, Calif., was struck in the chest after posing for photos at Pier 14 with her father, who had his arm around her, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“There was a pop, and Kate went down,” 68-year-old Jim Steinle told the newspaper. She died later at San Francisco General Hospital.

Police say the suspect never exchanged words with Steinle before he opened fire,KGO-TV reports.

There does not appear to be any connection between the victim and the suspect,” said Sgt. Michael Andraychak, according to KGO. “At this point, it appears to be a random shooting incident.”

Police quickly flooded the area with officers, who were helped in their search by photos of the suspect taken by bystanders. Within an hour, police arrested Sanchez on a nearby street corner.

A gun believed to have been used in the shooting was recovered in the water next to the pier on Thursday by police dive teams using sonar equipment, KGO reports.



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