Snoop gets racially profiled overseas!

Rapper Snoop Dogg can’t catch a break. Just when racial profiling is declining in America; BOOM!

Snoop is detained in Scandinavia.

According to reports, Snoop Dogg accused police in Sweden of a “racial profile” after they detained him on suspicion of drug use following a Saturday concert near Stockholm.

What? Snoop might be using drugs?! Next thing, somebody will be accusing Bill Clinton of womanizing!

Fredrik Wallen, national police spokesman said a police patrol in the city of Uppsala, stopped a car in which Snoop Dogg was a passenger. Snoop was taken into the headquarters, where police questioned. They also tested him for suspected drug use.

Snoop went straight to Instagram, posting a video from the police station, accusing the Swedes of racial profiling. I suspect it was more of “reputation profiling,” since Snoop is a drug aficionado. Spoiler alert: Snoop was clean.

Looks like Snoop was stopped and frisked on reputation alone. It’s good to know that white people all around the world are equal opportunity oppressors of admitted drug users. I wonder if Obama has ever been searched in Sweden, given his reputation for drug use?

Snoop Dogg vowed to never return to Sweden. Really? I guess he will have to find a country that won’t give him grief, or do you think he appreciates America just that much more.

H/T The Blaze

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