How to Solve the Border Crisis

I said the other day there is an easy way to solve the border crisis.

Put a bounty on the head of every illegal citizen, and deduct that money from the aid the U.S. sends to those countries every year.

Apparently, business mogul and billionaire who would be president, Donald Trump, was thinking along the same lines: follow the money. Or perhaps as they say, “Great minds think alike…and sometimes so do ours!”

According to this source:

At a campaign event in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, Trump revealed his plans to fine Mexico $100,000 for each unauthorized immigrant who crosses the U.S. border if elected president. Somewhere along the line, drug lord El Chapo caught wind of Trump’s comments, and took to his Twitter to call out the presidential hopeful.

The U.S. spent about $36 billion on foreign aid in 2013, so you know it’s more under King Tax and Spend. That aid doesn’t include the military aid the U.S. provides to countries, nor does it include the humanitarian aid of Average Joe. When you read about U.S. aid to other countries, Liberals write things like, “It’s not as much as the average American thinks.” Perhaps.

But I know a few people who want that paltry $36 billion back, plus the additional $50 billion or so we provide in military support, and the $71 billion or so in good old American citizen generosity.

I defy the Liberals to Google how much money Americans receive in aid from the world, and get back with me.

In 2013, Mexico receive $417.8 million in aid, and that more than doubled in 2014 to $971.3 million. Then there is the $35 billion that Mexicans working in America send back home, ergo removing from the U.S. economy.

The claim is that we have 11 million illegal Mexicans in America, more or less. Using those numbers, the average illegal Mexican sends over $3,000 home annually. Compound that with what it takes to provide healthcare, education, and welfare to the majority of them, and you have what is called a “money pit.”

As Trump indicated, it’s not the brilliant engineers who affected the escape of El Chapo who are crossing our borders illegally. Those people can get in the legal line and wait it out, working on visas. It’s the dregs of society (like most of Congress, for example) who do things illegally.

Liberals know this, and so do Mexicans. Yet, El Chapo wrote in a tweet to Trump on Sunday:

“Continue f—ing around and I will make you swallow all your whore words f—ing white [slur for those with blonde or red hair].”

Dude is out of prison fifteen minutes and he’s already back to his Mexican bandito shenanigans.

The fact is, Trump will be vindicated daily as illegals continue to commit violent crimes daily in America. All Trump has to do is keep trumpeting (chuckle) the horn, each time an illegal commits a crime.

And Trump’s solution to charge Mexico $100,000 for each illegal caught will solve the problem. Our $971 million will pay for about 9710 illegals; the rest will have to go back home.

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