The Most Vile Racists: Guess Who?

I always look for the lie, particularly when it comes to the media.

We are in a time when you can rarely look at anything in the media at face value. Most of it is a fraud.

So when I saw this article about who are the worst racists, written by Leftist rag Politico, I knew it was suspect.

As Politico reports:

Much of the national debate over racism in the aftermath of last month’s mass murder in Charleston, S.C., has focused on the South and its strange and sometimes jarring nostalgia for the Confederacy. And yet tucked away in the Pacific Northwest of the United States is a vicious group that most people have never heard of but the nation’s most virulent online racists know well (among them, accused South Carolina murderer Dylann Roof, who wrote about the group in his now-infamous “manifesto”).

The group is called the Northwest Front and its final solution to the race “problem,” if you will, is to expel non-white people from the Pacific Northwest and to establish a mono-racial republic there.

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Racism knows no region, it’s safe to say. While the Pacific Northwest can abstain from the debate on the removal of traitorous colors from the Capitol grounds—Oregon was the last state in the Union before the Civil War’s outbreak, after all—the region bears a racial legacy tinted by an ignorance, a decades-old vision of minority-free lands, as stark as any in the United States.

Here again, the Left wants to pass the blame from them–the true creators of Dylann Roof–to some hate group.

These Leftists conveniently forgot to tell America that Dylann Roof’s best friend was a BLACK GUY!

So as I explained quite eloquently on Fox News, Dylann Roof was created by Liberalism. He had all kinds of friends, and was living the Liberal LIE of tolerance and kumbaya. THEN he was told that he had “white privilege.” THEN he was told that he is bad for being a male, especially a white male. And the Left wonders why he sought out a group of white nationalists?


Let’s recap: The biggest racist on the planet, Leftists Progressive Democrats brainwashed this kid to believe he was to get along with blacks, so much so the kid got a black friend. THEN they pitted his black friend against him in “the real world,” and added Dylann’s hatred of women (so what he had never thought of that) to the mix. This drove him to seek out “friendlies,” and the knuckledragging Democrat “White Power” took him in, causing conflict in Dylann “I have a black best friend” Roof’s mind, and the Left wonders what happened!

Now the Left wants to deflect. THEY are not racist, but the Northwest Front is. The Left is the #1 recruiter for the White Power movement. Without Leftists, the White Power movement would have NO footing.

The Politico article goes on:

To be sure, the Northwest Front represents a fringe campaign, a minority of a minority seeking to expunge the Pacific Northwest of any color but white. According to Harold Covington, the group’s leader, the union of Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana would be “kind of like the white version of Israel. I don’t see why the Jews are the only people on Earth that get their own country and everyone else has to be diverse.” Covington knows precisely what he’s gone in for: “Of course it’s racism. What’s wrong with racism? It’s the purist form of patriotism.”

This is a group that Politico and about every other Leftist rag admits has a membership that is less than the John Edwards fan club, yet they have the nerve to call them the most racist group. As opposed to the New Black Panther Party who wants to “kill cracka babies!”?

Finally, Politico admits that there might not even be a connection between Roof and the Northwest Front:

Numbers on the Northwest Front are hard to come by—the group does without formal membership—but the Southern Poverty Law Center maintains Northwest Front as one of the foremost white nationalist groups in the region. The group’s reach has as much to do with its push as it does with its leader, Covington. While no direct connection between Roof and Covington has yet emerged, aside from Roof’s broadsides about Northwest Front, circumstance and parallel motivations twin the two.

In other words, if Roof happened to have surfed the DNC website, he could possibly be part of yet another hate group?

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