Top City for Millennials to die?

When I read that St. Louis is Top Spot for Millennials, I had to wonder what drugs the writer was on.

From the Bloomberg article:

“Dear young people who are deep in the struggle of life as adults, you should consider shipping off to Missouri.”

I hope Bloomberg ran this by LEGAL; because they are sending Millennials to their DEATH!

Do these people know St. Louis is consistently in the Top 10 of crime, as it was in 2014? Do they know that the violent crime rate–as in “killins’”–in St. Louis is up 60 percent over last year at this time?

Who wrote this article for Bloomberg, the Chamber of Commerce of Afghanistan?

With those stats, it clear that St. Louis is gunning for Detroit, pardon the 2nd Amendment pun!

An article from the very same day I spotted the “Top Spot” article, I read another titled: Woman carjacked while sitting in South St. Louis driveway

That’s right Millennials, Bloomberg wants you to move to a place where you can get carjacked, while sitting in your DRIVEWAY! The criminals don’t even have the decency of letting you actually go anywhere. So what you need groceries, or that life-saving liver transplant, TAKE THE BUS!

The Millennials article goes on…

St. Louis comes in No. 1 in their study that takes a variety of statistics and determines where the most affordable cities in America are for young professionals, all the while letting them enjoy life and get ahead in their careers.

St. Louis is in sync with the trend, recently launching Young Friends of Downtown STL, a place where twenty- and thirty-somethings can mingle, connect, create, network, and have fun.

A launch party at the Old Post Office Plaza on 8th and Locust brought more than a hundred young professionals out into the balmy summer evening to enjoy drinks, a live band, register for raffle prizes, and more importantly, register to join Young Friends and contribute to the revitalization of Downtown. Offerings of beet hummus with summer squash, Mandarin scallion pancakes with coconut red curry, and Thai rice noodles. Eighties covers on the stage and cold Budweisers, white wine and loyalty cards from local eateries.

Wow, how cool is that? St. Louis is setting traps with what entices Millennials, making them easier targets. Culinary delights and brewskis. Sounds suspiciously like a LAST MEAL!

The writer finally gets to the reason St. Louis is so inviting:

However, one of the reasons St. Louis offers affordable rents is not because of balmy evenings in quaint settings. It’s because of the crime rate. Young lawyers, restauranteurs and medical interns in attendance were not concerned, saying they pay attention to being cautious when out and about, are always aware of their surroundings, and simply can’t make a good living with a good quality of life on the east and west coasts.

“I’m 25. It’s an appropriate time for me to be in St. Louis right now and enjoy all that it has to offer,” said a recent SLU law school graduate.

Another recent Chicago transplant said crime is everywhere, and referred to St. Louis as “tidy,” and a city that’s easy to get around in.

This is the prevailing thought among Liberals, and yes Millennials. They accept crime, even violent crime; betting on the odds. They think, “It won’t be me,” and they blow off the crime stats. Their acceptance is the very reason crime is soaring, and they are being lured into the kill zone.

These zombies are surrounded by even more vicious zombies, and they couldn’t be more happy. Ignorance is indeed bliss. And then you die!

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