If This Is True, Obama Has Hit Rock Bottom

By George Hewes

After six years and counting of Obama administration corruption, chicanery and contempt for American values, it can be a challenge to rank its top offenses. Obamacare is certainly way up there. Prematurely withdrawing from Iraq and enabling ISIS is another one. But since Obama no longer has to face voters and is now in legacy mode, one gets the sense that the greatest outrages are still to come.

It was reported in the New York Post last week that the Obama administration has been secretly compiling massive amounts of sensitive data on American citizens and businesses based on race, all for the purpose of “racial and economic justice.” This represents rock bottom for this gang of Chicago community agitators. Where in the more than 200 years of this country’s history is the executive branch authorized to conduct this sort of activity? Not that is matters with this bunch, as they are happy to defy the laws of this country to bring their warped sense of justice to fruition.

It seems like a lifetime ago that Barack H. Obama stood at the podium of the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston as its keynote speaker and intrigued the nation with his ideas of bringing the nation together and how there are no Liberal or Conservative States of America, only a United States of America. Inspiring stuff, wasn’t it? And in the fall of 2008, candidate Obama inspired enough swing voters that his election would heal the racial divides that have bedeviled our nation for generations. Just pull that lever in the voting booth for Obama, and racial utopia awaits us all.

As all things Obama seem to be, the results never quite seem to match the rhetoric. In fact, they often turn out to be polar opposites. What we got was a regression of race relations beyond anyone’s worst nightmare. For all his talk about social justice and equality, Obama turned out to be pretty much what his critics tried to warn us in 2008: that he was a devotee of Jeremiah Wright’s toxic version of black liberation theology, that he was short on executive experience and long on ego, and that he was committed to transforming the nation into something most Americans didn’t want.

The Obama presidency should be remembered largely as a wasted opportunity. Instead of truly healing a nation and addressing the numerous real threats to our way of life, this petty little man largely spent his time in power secretly collecting data on the citizenry and chasing the apparitions of racial injustice that apparently consume his thoughts daily. This latest news represents rock bottom for Obama, but don’t be shocked if he goes a little deeper.


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