Even Van Gogh can hear Donald Trump

To he who hath ear, let him hear Donald Trump.

Yes, even Vincent Van Gogh could hear trump, and to Donald Trump I say, “I hear you and the American people hear you!”

The “repugnicant” leadership hears you, as well; they are (certainly should be) embarrassed and exposed for their fecklessness.

Trump may not win the nomination, but I for one, would vote for him in a split second over another establishment “panderdate.”

Our country is going down the toilet even as we speak, but most of “our” guys are telling you by their candidacy they are for more of the same and business as usual. They fail to feel the pulse of the party and are afraid to speak to the problems that are in full frontal view.

In order to fix a problem, you must first admit there is a problem. I want to hear a candidate say,

“The country is 18 TRILLION dollars in debt and we will cut government instead of our troops.  We will balance the budget and not spend more than we take in. Congress is broken and our ‘repugnicant” ‘leadership is self-castrated and needs to be replaced or dragged kicking and screaming, and I will lead them to the light.”

I want to hear,

“Democrat elites are destroying our pride in the greatest country on earth, and I will NOT stand by and watch them continue to transform this nation. Obama will be gone and we have not called out his policies, but rather, corroborated them.  Hillary has walked in lock-step  with Obama. Democrat leadership voted for and supported every move this lawless president has made.”

We need to attack the Democrat vision for America: Detroit, Ferguson , and Baltimore, race in your face, pandering to Muslim terrorism, showcasing global weakness, illegal theft of the American  taxpayers’ money to throw away on global warming, illegal immigration, attack on Christianity, and so on. Every statement our candidates make ought to start with,

“Barrack Obama, Hillary and the Democrat elites…” or they can substitute “The cockroaches on the Left…”

I want to hear our candidates say,

“Communists bragged that they would take down our country without firing a shot. Well they have succeeded!

Valerie Jarrett’s parents were communist, Valerie Jarrett is a communist. Barrack Obama’s parents were communist.  Barrack Obama was taught by Frank Marshall Davis, a communist. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best explanation: Barrack Obama is a Muslim communist.”

I want to hear that America will not spend another penny on global warming but will use that money to rebuild our infrastructure and economy. I want to  hear America will provide jobs to those who are on welfare. We will  provide self-sustenance  to those who are trapped in a Democrat vision that the best you can be is on welfare, food stamps or disability. Can you imagine an America that takes those on entitlements to entrepreneurship, home ownership and productive citizenship?

Lastly, I believe there are  millions of Americans still in the hole from the Democrat mortgage crisis with hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost equity. A restored economy will bring back that equity.

Donald Trump is LYSOL; a blast of fresh air and a disinfectant. No matter the selected candidate, we want to hear the truth. We can handle the truth. We see the truth every day.

The candidate that hears us will certainly have our ears and our votes. To he that hath an ear, let him hear!

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