Here’s Another Billionaire Who Understands Republicans

Mark Cuban, whose net worth is approximately $3.5 billion, said that Republicans are our own worst enemies. Cuban implied that the Republicans’ tent is too small, and many times we torpedo ourselves, particularly when it comes to social issues.

I don’t agree with all that Cuban said, as the social issues have been sold as “left,” when in fact many can easily be nuanced “right.” Regardless, what Cuban says definitely applies to what Joe Miller reported on Dr. Ben Carson recently.

We learned from former Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller that Ben Carson used fetal tissue in his research to help living babies.

Not that the story is true, but let’s say Carson did indeed use fetal tissue. Would that make pediatric brain surgeon and presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson the new Kermit Gosnell? Of course not.

Would he be a hypocrite? Nope.

Carson’s ethics are to do no harm. Ben Carson does no harm. In fact, while Joe Miller was busy losing a Senate seat that was practically a guaranteed seat for the Republicans, Dr. Ben Carson was saving babies’ lives. He’s been saving babies’ live his entire adult life.

Ask Carson if he would kill an in utero baby to save one outside the mother’s womb, and he would likely answer, “NO!” Actually he might say,

“Who do you think I am – Barack Obama!?”

So why try to “Herman Cain” the man, Joe Miller? It’s shameful enough that a black rocket scientist was “high-tech lynched” a la Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, by the Republican black attack machine. Now they go after a black brain surgeon?!

The Republicans’ big tent appears to be a pup tent. They could learn a lesson from the Left, as the Left will take any old black man, as long as he not a fake reverend!

Give them a bi-sexual, pot smoking, C-student, failed community organizer, and they are tickled pink.  For the Left, their “light-skinned Negro, with no Negro dialect” was just what the doctor ordered, and they gave him blind allegiance.

I’m not saying Republicans should blindly follow our candidates. However, they shouldn’t needlessly play “gotcha” politics.

We’ve already got one billionaire shaking things up in the campaign of 2016. Might as well have another billionaire changing things from the outside.

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