Another Lunatic Democrat Who Wants to Be President

The Left has another stellar presidential candidate. If you’re thinking, “Finally they got a middle-American, down-to-Earth, non-elitist minority to run,” then you’d better think again.

The latest Leftist lunatic comes from academia, and from the same place as the last loser president: Harvard.

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig wants to be president. Pretty soon, the Left will run out of rich white men who will challenge that other dude, Hillary Clinton. {Pause for laughter}. Only kidding! There are PLENTY of rich white elitists who can challenge Hillary.


Why shouldn’t Lessig enter the presidential sweepstakes, since he has the credentials. He’s Leftist and he’s crazy. He’s from Harvard, and Hillary is not!

At least Lessig has a good reason, yes, singular reason for running, and it’s not to make history (which of course he would–all presidents do it). Lessig is running for president to reform campaign financing. Yes, that’s it.

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In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria recently, Lessig stated if elected, he would pass campaign finance reform and then resign, leaving his vice president to assume the position of president. With that strategy, Hillary may run as his VP, once her campaign for president ends.

Lessig will finance his campaign via crowdsourcing. His goal: to raise one million dollars by Labor Day. Keep in mind Lessig is not going to use any of that Harvard booty he gets monthly to finance his campaign. No putting his money where his mouth is, when there is other people’s money to use!

According to Lessig, he has raised about $125,000, but he is very confident he will make it. And when Lessig gets to that million dollar mark, he will have Hillary Clinton’s “change purse” money! Hillary loses a million dollars pistol-whipping Bill.

Who would Lessig get as a VP? I say, “Go big or go home!” Get the REAL father of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber. An All-Academia presidential ticket, and something tells me these white guys won’t have citizenship issues, nor will they be afraid to show their grades.

The addition of Lessig will certainly add a lot of spice to the Democrat debates. No matter what the question, Lessig will say, “Do you have any idea how much money Dead Broke Hillary is spending on this campaign!?”


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