The Biggest Headline Overlooked at Republican Debate

Brain surgeon Dr. Ben Carson said it in prime time, on FOX News during the GOP debate.

Kevin Jackson has been saying it for some time: When the dust has settled, Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat’s nominee for president.

Sometimes all news is NOT good news, and the continued scandals involving the Clintons will eventually wear down the near septuagenarian, as well as the patience of her party.

You can bet that now the criminal investigation into her emails is official, Biden and others will enter the fray for the the Democrat nomination for president.

Hillary is a criminal, and she knew all the possibilities when she plotted her most recent coup d’etat of America Part Two.

America survived the first one, sort of. But the country won’t stand for another.

So despite Moody’s proclamation that the next president will be a Democrat, that prospect grows more and more bleak. The fact is, the Democrats are scraping the bottom of the barrel to float Crazy Joe Biden. And who knows who else will enter, but you can bet there are those who are plotting.

Clinton’s polling is horrible and dropping. The energy of her campaign is waning, while non-Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders is gaining traction. Seriously, Sanders!

Here’s what to look for as Biden continues his preparation.

  • Biden will become more visible.
  • There will be more “feel good” stories about Biden, likely around the death of his son.
  • He may release a book.
  • Then, he will hit the trail on “Vice-Presidential” trips to big donor states.


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