Black Man Shoots Reporter and Cameraman

Meet the nutcase who shot the reporter and cameraman. I figured I’d tell you, “dude” is black, since the lamestream media will tiptoe around his race.

We have learned that police pursued the suspect and in the late morning, an ABC local affiliate. CNN reported that the suspected shooter had shot himself, but it was not known if he was dead or alive.

The suspect was identified as Vester Flanagan, 41, according to a dispatcher for the Augusta County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Department. Vester is a black man.

Now the speculation begins.

Were the reporter and cameraman dressed like cops? Or was it simply because black people have a “James Bond” license to kill (white people).

Why not shoot a couple of white people before Barack Obama retires; after all, we do need to get rid of those dangerous ASSAULT WEAPONS.

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I can’t wait to understand the motivation of Vester, who likely passed up quite a few black people to kill “whitey.” But the good news is we won’t have to report on black on black crime for this one!

Stay tuned for more of that “Change We Can Believe In” in the beautiful Obama legacy.



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