Boehner is in BIG Trouble

He was recently challenged as Speaker, though the battle was purely symbolic, with no chance of success.

Nevertheless, it appears that the challenge to his job as Speaker was only the beginning. The crosshairs are on him, as they should be.

As Joe the Plumber’s team reports, Boehner’s has more to be concerned about:

David Brat kicked Eric Cantor out of his job last year using a fraction of the money and an incredible grassroots team.

From the press release: Winteregg has just hired the brains behind the epic Eric Cantor defeat!

( Troy, Ohio) – Conservative challenger J.D. Winteregg today announced that he has taken a major step in his bid to unseat John Boehner in the March 2016 GOP primary election.

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Zachary Werrell, who in 2014 engineered Dave Brat’s stunning primary upset of Eric Cantor, has officially signed on to be Senior Advisor to Winteregg’s campaign in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.

“I am beyond excited to be a part of this effort to oust John Boehner…he is the epitome of all that’s wrong with today’s acquiescent and unprincipled GOP ‘establishment.’ Like so many other entrenched politicians who have been in DC for far too long, Speaker Boehner says all the right things in front of the cameras while doing the exact opposite up on the Hill.

I’m excited to see somebody have the guts to elephant hunt. Go big or go home!

Get the rest of the story at Joe for America.




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