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Shaun King is an activist in the Black Lives Matter movement, self-help guru, and “justice correspondent” for the Daily Kos website.

He describes himself as racially “mixed with a black family”–he has a white mother and a black father.

Like any civil rights activist worth his salt, King tells stories about his experiences growing up black and enduring a “brutal racially-motivated beating” by up to a dozen “rednecks” that left him near death. The incident has been cited as one of Kentucky’s first hate crimes.

King credits Oprah Winfrey with helping him get a college degree with an Oprah Scholarship, given only to black men, to the historically black Morehouse College. There is just one little problem. Apparently, Shaun King was born a poor white child. Yep. Another Dolezal!


According to investigative blogger Vicki Pate, King’s father is Jeffery Wayne King, a white man. Pate has been investigating King’s ethnicity and has posted her findings at her blog “Re-NewsIt”.

It gets worse.

Shameless plug for Kevin Jackson’s book, Race Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism


The Daily Caller reports that the “twelve rednecks” that beat King was just one guy. Oh, and the “life-threatening injuries” were described by police as “minor”.

Things got so bad that even the Daily Kos began to question King’s story in an article that was published in July.

Along with his degree from Morehouse, King appears to be a graduate of the Brian Williams School of Creative Journalism. In addition to questions about his parentage and the beating he endured, questions have been raised about other things he has said as well, such as the actual number of “black girls” he has fathered, the number of times he’s had spinal surgery, and when the car crash that injured his spine actually happened, if it happened at all.

Black lives matter, but it never occurred to me that I could get one of my very own.

It looks like Oprah may have been duped…again.


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