Caught with $422,000 Cash

Snoop Dogg is having his issues in Europe.

First he was detained in Sweden under suspicion of being on drugs, now this!

Italian police stopped Californian Snoop Dogg last week, as he prepared to board a private plane bound for Britain. Snoop had $422,000 in cash in his Louis Vuitton luggage, according to Snoop’s Italian lawyer.

Now we know that Snoop is living large, hints being he had $422,000 and owns Louis Vuitton luggage…oh, and that private jet. But in the European Union, the maximum amount of undeclared cash one can take on board a plane is 10,000 euros ($10,986.00).

Here is America, young black man Joseph Rivers had similar problems to Snoop, minus about $400,000, the Louis Vuitton luggage, and the private jet. Joseph’s $16,000 was confiscated by DEA as he rode Amtrak from Detroit to LA.

Snoop Dogg was touring Europe after releasing the album “Bush” earlier this year. The money came from his concerts he had been performing in Europe, I’m guessing from “lobby sales” of t-shirts, and various other paraphernalia. The gate should have been handled directly, but one never knows when you have a guy who’s used to being in a “cash” business.

According to his Italian attorney, Andrea Parisi, Snoop Dogg will have to pay a fine. One would think that Snoop would have a banking relationship that allowed him to DECLARE his money overseas, as opposed to traveling with so much cash, and that his people would know these silly rules.

Snoop got back half of the cash and the rest is being held by Italian authorities until the amount of the fine is determined. Did you get that? Until the fine is determined? Why isn’t it just a dollar amount? If you have more than 10,000 euros, you are fined 500 euro?

Because, like in America, it’s not about the money. It’s about how much bureaucracy the money can create. Snoop earned his money, and he should be able to travel freely with his money. He wasn’t dealing dope in Europe, he was performing concerts. I personally wouldn’t travel with $422,000 for any reason, but if I had it, it should be my choice.

There should be no fine if you can prove legitimately how you got the funds. This is simply a tax on the rich, a trap for the poor, and a total power trip by governments.

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