Our Commander in Chief is AWOL

A commander in chief should be leading from the front. In the case of Barak Obama, he is nowhere to be found. You could almost say he is AWOL.

Even as Islamic terrorists murder and threaten our military and their innocent families, he has left them high and dry. He has abandoned his post, and for this reason alone, should be dishonorably discharged from his duties as president.

According to Rueters, the FBI recently alerted the local law enforcement agencies in Wyoming and Colorado concerning Middle-Eastern looking men who have been approaching families of our military. More importantly, they are showing up at the families’ homes pressing them for information regarding their military member. Numerous incidents have occurred specifically in the towns of Cheyenne, Wyoming and Greeley, Colorado.

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On one occasion a military wife was contacted at her home in May by two Middle- Eastern men who claimed her husband was an interrogator. Upon her denial, they just laughed, got in their car and drove away. Stories like these have been happening through the summer.

The FBI continues to urge people to report any additional problems like these. Although, as is usual, no action will be taken unless something drastic happens. If the Chattanooga attack is any indication of how our government will react, no retaliation against the threat will transpire.

Just last March, the Islamic State reportedly hacked into a military server and other data bases to gain access to military members personal information. At that time they issued murdering threats as well.

There was some doubt in regards to how the information was retrieved. In fact, that was where the focus of the story seemed to remain. The way in which the terrorist organization had acquired the information was the focus, not the threats themselves, or from whom they came.

In October of 2014, the Army had warned its personnel to be vigilant about what they shared on social media because the Islamic militants had directed their supporters to glean information about members of the US military. Even then, ISIS was threatening to have their cohorts show up at the homes of these soldiers to slaughter their families.

Where is the outrage from our president at this? What is the response to the terrorist attacks he has allowed against our active duty military members?

These incidents should have warranted an address to the nation. More importantly, a deathly warning should have been leveled at the low-life jihadi types, whether they be “home-grown” or imported. Something to the effect of, hunting them down like a dog, would be appreciated.

But no, our military will get absolutely zero support from this president. He is all about tearing down and dividing anything he gets his hands on. He knows if he were to denounce Islamic terrorism, it would unite this country.

The United States still knows how to band together in order to fight an enemy that rises up against us. Anyone holding to pure Islamic ideology is no friend of America.

We have a complicit commander in chief who won’t publicly declare himself on the side of the political Islamic ideology. His actions, however, declare his allegiance all the day long.

The revelations of brutality displayed by the videos from the Center for Medical Progress have awoken the sleeping giant in regards to abortion.

What is it going to take to arouse those in leadership positions to the enemy we have within our gates? Guaranteed, help won’t come from the top, at least not in this pathetic administration.

Having a Patton or an Eisenhower would help in getting us out of the national security mess Obama has incurred, but only if almighty God gives His aid.

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