BREAKING: Cop killed by black perp in Memphis

We will continue to chronicle the police officers killed by the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.

We #AllLivesMatter people grieve when anybody is wrongly killed, but this officer died in the line of duty. His job was to go after bad guys.

We all know that if he had successfully done his job, the likelihood of Memphis being burned to the ground would have been a high probability.

As reported by CNN,

Memphis police identified 29-year-old Tremaine Wilburn as the suspect in a weekend shooting of an officer.

Wilburn is at large and considered armed and dangerous, Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong told reporters late Sunday.

“You can be assured that we will continue to pursue this suspect, and we will exhaust all means until he is in custody,” he said.

Officer Sean Bolton, 33, was shot multiple times Saturday night. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition but later pronounced dead.

Armstrong provided a police account of Bolton’s fatal encounter:

A struggle ensued, Armstrong said, ending when the passenger shot Bolton multiple times. Both the driver and the suspect fled.

“It was found that Officer Bolton apparently interrupted some sort of drug transaction. A digital scene and a small baggie of marijuana … were located inside of the vehicle,” Armstrong said.

Cop killings are a result of Liberal policies. Every time a cop dies, far too many Liberals celebrate.


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