Divided America? – Uniting Will End Us

If uniting the country is the most important issue we face, we are doomed. The Founding Fathers did not attempt to unite with their enemies; they defeated them. If uniting was more important we would still be under British control.

We are America for one reason only: we refused to compromise.

In the Republican debate you heard mentioned of the importance of bringing the country together, which would be nice; however how do you unite oil and water? How do you unite an individual who is pro-abortion with a nation founded on America’s Godly principles?

Democrats lecture on bringing the country together and do nothing to accomplish it other than attempting to remove of all Conservatives. Conservatives, on the other hand, discuss unity, but their consistent compromise is what has led to the erosion of the American Spirit.

The problem with compromise is if you continue to do it, eventually you will exhaust all your negotiating resources. America was founded on capitalism, the opportunity for success, yet the government is our biggest business.

We’ve compromised on morality, yet we live in the most amoral times, with moral relativism and atheism increasing with each passing generation. Marriage has been redefined, and the mere mention of God or the Bible can land you in court.

Attempting to unite with an individual whose sole desire is to turn America into a socialist/Marxist nation is only made possible through our weakness. It is when we are more concerned with looking good, rather than protecting good.

We compromise because Liberals call us arrogant, stubborn, egotistical and unwilling to cooperate. Then they call us racists, misogynists, homophobic, xenophobic, until we finally capitulate, rather than confront.

The responsibility of our politicians was not to be able to brag about their accomplishments. Their job is to defend the Constitution and keep the government out of American lives as much as possible. So when you hear a politician articulate his or her desires for uniting America, ask yourself what is their motivation?

If their motivation is to stand up to our enemies’, both foreign and domestic, and restore our foundation through strength, thus uniting us through the removal of liberals; join forces with them. If their motivation is simply to say anything necessary to get elected, they have already compromised. Break free of them without delay.

We need confrontation – not compromise!

Jim Blockey
Retired Teacher
Author – “Public Schools – The Worst Case of Child Abuse in American History

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