Do You Know Your Government Slave Rate?

I have a white friend who said to me once, “Kevin, we are such good friends that if slavery still existed I’d buy you.”

I always reply, “You couldn’t afford me!”

Everybody in America is now a slave. And we are affordable, because we finance ourselves.

If you do work, you don’t work for yourself; you work for the government. And it is the government who determines how much of what you earn you will get back. What you get back depends on how much you WORSHIP GOVERNMENT.

If you buy into government, they allow you to keep more money. Hollywood is subsidized, because they push the message that government demands for the masses. Big corporations are subsidized, because they allow social engineering to occur. If your corporation is into “green energy,” global warming, government education, or government regulating everything, you operate with practical immunity.

Need examples?

Al Sharpton owes $4M in taxes, and he’s not even considering bankruptcy. The American taxpayer will pay that debt for Al, because he’s at the mercy of the government. Even if Al didn’t believe his nonsense, he’s still tap dancing for the man.

Jackson has never been audited, and he paid for his mistress and love child with Operation PUSH funds.

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The list of government funded or sanctioned failures is long, and the list of crooks who profited or escaped government scrutiny is as easy to spot as a baboon in a tuxedo, and yet nothing.

But if you resist in any way, don’t buy into the global climate change hoax, or don’t want to unionize and succumb to social engineering, and the government comes down on you like the HAMMER OF THOR!

We live in a time when the whistleblowers must leave the country, the good guys are PUNISHED, and the bad guys promoted.

Susan Rice showcases deceit and utter incompetence, and she’s promoted. Elizabeth Warren lies about her heritage, and becomes a canonized Senator.

It bears repeating. You are a slave. It’s obviously difficult to admit you are a slave, when you might not realize it. But you are.

How many laws do you think you get input on? Do you know what the cost of traffic ticket is in your town? Likely not, unless you got one recently. Did you have input on the amount the city should charge for the ticket? Why not?

A comedian I know said that Chicago has different ticket rates for illegal parking, and I’m not talking about parking for Mexicans. He joked that it’s $50 cheaper to park on the sidewalk, than the street. He said there were about 10 categories of illegal parking. Can you think of them? I can’t.

A while back I wrote about a new tax in Illinois…they called it the Tennis Shoe Tax.

$0.25 per pair of tennis shoes, in order to raise $2.1M for what?

A youth center…the very people who mostly wear tennis shoes.

And who thought up THIS tax? The government taxes EVERYTHING, from your birth to your death. The date we supposedly pay off our income taxes is now Aug 19, and it continues to move out. After Aug 19, you then work for yourself. And to think that this nation was founded because the government had the nerve to tax TEA!

The money wasted in government is enormous. And since slavery is no longer legal, the government has become more clever in how it disguises slavery. ObamaCare is a good example.

Obama added a layer of bureaucracy including 16,000 more IRS agents. How will they help you except to give you a HEART ATTACK AND KILL YOU! ObamaCare offers no new doctors, no new procedures, and we now know they never intended for you to keep your doctor or your plan.

Have you thought about how much money you generate for the government, as a person? Income tax, personal property tax, excise taxes, sales taxes, death tax?

It’s good to know your slave rate!


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