Donald Trump: I Have a Confession…

Forgive me Father, for I may have sinned!

Somebody needs to catch me, I’m falling for Trump.

Yes, I’m involved with Ted Cruz, and I think I love him. However, recently I went out with a guy called The Donald, and he has me questioning my relationship.

I spent time spent watching Donald Trump speak in Alabama last Friday night. I know, an unorthodox date, but that’s just how he is…unorthodox.

It was not my intention to get this deeply involved, or involved at all. But after only a few minutes, I found myself being wooed by his seductive political talk.

The Donald mesmerized me with issues of immigration, a strong military, stomping ISIS, caring for women, and making this country great again. I hesitate discussing all the physical feelings I began to have, but let’s just say things got HOT!

I know others are still mixed on him. Ask a group of patriots about what they think of Trump and you get a mixed bag.

Some describe him as a cowboy, though the guy wouldn’t know a cow from a mule. The Donald is a city guy through and through and has the brash New York accent to match. The description is meant to evoke a negative response. It isn’t.

What’s been described as ego isn’t being taken that way by many Americans. Some are calling it confidence, as it reminds older Americans of when men weren’t afraid to be proud. They know what I know now, and that is Trump is simply comfortable in his own skin. He doesn’t apologize for being less than tactful. In fact, he doubles-down on statements made that may offend those expecting an apology. Trump is beholden to no one, and this so vexes the Left.

If you are like me, you spend most of your time talking back to your TV in response to the liberal slant of Obama’s media outlets. It’s refreshing to see Trump put them in their place. Like it or not, at least for the time being, he dominates their news cycle, regardless of what political spectrum they cover.

The Right has their Trump detractors. Some believe he is a Clinton “plant” that will pave the way for Hillary to enter the Oval Office. America Informed writes:

“Whether Trump realizes it or not, and I for one would never underestimate his own business savvy, his action in drawing votes away from the GOP field and, if they are not nice to him, running as a third party, is playing directly into the slick political machine of Bill Clinton.”

But what if Trump wins! The article continues:

“Over the next few weeks and months, the mudslinging between the Trump and Clinton campaigns will only increase, adding to the theatrical pantomime being played out on the national stage. This is a dangerous game, with the future direction of the country at stake, and one can only hope the electorate is not so bamboozled by the star of the Apprentice to not see through the act.”

I haven’t abandoned strong candidates like Cruz, or even Dr. Ben Carson. But if Trump becomes the nominee he would have my vote. Certainly Trump is an entertainer, and plays his part well, but a big part of me wants to think he has a heart for this country.

I guess that’s why I decided to write my number, in lipstick, on his nice private jet.

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