Facebook Apologizes on ISIS Issue

The Left owns social media, and this is dangerous to the world.

When the narrative can be set so easily, and it’s being crafted by a billion Millennials with far more money than sense, that poses dire potential consequences.

As reported by Breitbart:

Earlier this week, Britain First – which has been criticised by Britain’s mainstream media for its direct action tactics in opposing radical Islam – reported that one of its Facebook posts had been removed by Facebook due to a “Community Standards” violation.

The group reported that its leader, Paul Golding, was “logged out of his Facebook account and given a slap on the wrist by Facebook moderators” for posting a picture of an ISIS flag-themed toilet roll with the accompanying comment, “Soon to be stocked in the Britain First shop!”

Britain First then contacted Facebook demanding an explanation. A Facebook chat support employee said: “obviously it was not complying with Facebook Community Standards” and followed up with “I understand where you’re coming from but posts like this will be taken down without doubt”.

Facebook later recanted, but it just goes to show you how the narrative can easily be set or changed. Consider the power of Google and Facebook, both organizations run by Leftists, and the amount of control each has over the messaging, and it’s a scary thought.

I suggest further research at Breitbart.


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