Feminism is a Bitch

Have you ever been told to “quit your bitching” or threatened to be “bitch slapped” by someone? You’ve led a pretty sheltered life if you haven’t. Now did you know that every time you said or heard it that it was a vicious attack on a woman?

According to a recent CNN article by Peggy Drexler, an assistant professor of psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, the word “bitch” which has been used since the 15th century is still demeaning women.

“…when it comes down to its most common usage, the word[bitch] has not escaped its derogatory origins, ultimately seeking to keep women down by condemning, basically, that which makes them women.”

According to the article, men have created a phenomenon known as Resting Bitch Face (RBF).

RBF has been blamed for holding back women from advancement in employment. In fact, RBF is so bad, that emotionally distraught women even resort to surgery to correct it.

In my experience, women call each other bitches more than rappers! It’s like black people and the N-word. Both groups complain, yet use the term for endearment. And like with the N-word, no non-black (white Democrats excluded) can say it, lest they get the wrath of black people.

Women call each other bitches all the time, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. It’s ok for feminists to seek to reclaim the word through terms such as “bitchin’ bitches,” “bad bitches” and “rad bitches.” After all, woman-on-woman bitch calling is ok. They use it in advertisement, for goodness sake!

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And when women really want to demean a man, they call him what? That’s right – a BITCH!

What are men to take this to mean? That we act like whiny WOMEN, ergo bitches, right!? However, men calling each other bitches is demeaning to women?

The Left’s quest to change the lexicon will never end. They want us to succumb to whatever BS issue they decide is no longer politically correct in their view. And the non-existent war on women (unless you count the war they wage on themselves) is one such BS issue.

Things like this keep their causes in the news, and they believe their constant droning, dare I say bitching, will make the lie the truth. Striking bitch from the language would penalize the female vocabulary more than men’s. Oops. I didn’t mean to say penalize, that might be considered sexist. Wouldn’t that be a bitch!