Fixated on Every Issue Except the One that Will Make or Break America – Education!!!

Watch any news or commentary show, including Fox, and it will be about Obamacare, unemployment, Wall Street, or the 2016 presidential election. Listen to any Conservative radio talk show and it will be in regards to any one of these issues. Am I implying these issues are not important? No! What I am posing is, are we being manipulated to focus on a problem rather than the cause? These issues are important, but the reason they are issues is because of our education system. We teach submissiveness instead of confronting what may be wrong; we teach surrender instead of perseverance; we teach conformity instead of resistance to evil.

How have we even progressed to the point where the government has so much control over its citizens (known as socialism) and over 40% of Americans are ok with it? Education! It isn’t even in the top five any more when it comes to issues. When it is discussed, it is mainly referring to removing bad teachers. The National Education Association is terrible (duh) and the education system stinks; however, nothing regarding education’s true dilemma is mentioned.

Education has been totally placed on the backburner and we do not see it because of what we are educating our children that we have progressed here in the first place. Remember what Abraham Lincoln said, “What is taught in our schools in this generation will be what is practiced in the government of the next.” Stalin expressed something very similar. Yes, our enemies knew how to defeat America.

What is being taught? Less than half of the time is spent on the basics; the rest is spent on sex education, environmentalism, suicide prevention, drug prevention, tolerance, even the proper way to get arrested. For history do we refer to our Founding Fathers as great men? No, they were slave owners, drunkards and womanizers. Do our children know and comprehend what our Constitution is all about? No, we talk about slavery, the greed of capitalism and the 1st Amendment protecting the rights of pornography and evil, while squashing the rights of Christians and Christianity. Do we focus on entrepreneurism, self- reliance and thinking for yourself? No! We focus on working for someone else, how great the government is, how the government knows better, how certain groups are entitled and how they will take care of us.

Extreme left Liberals are in control of education, yet more than half of the teachers are Conservative. What is happening to those Conservatives? If they are not quiet they are harassed, their lives are made miserable, and they are not supported by administration. I am a perfect example of that. I am a Christian Conservative that speaks out. I have run for U. S. Congress twice and openly criticized the school system in this country. I write letters to the editor, I even wrote a book slamming the school systems’ inadequacy.

What was my reward? The week my book became available I was terminated for hitting a student despite the fact they had video and several teacher witnesses proving my innocence. How do they get away with this? One excuse was, it was during the healthcare crisis and no Conservative radio or TV stations had time for anything but healthcare. Another reason is Liberals have had to suffer no consequences for their actions. So few of us are willing to fight because of the public humiliation they could suffer. I am not afraid; you see, the Bible tells me “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness”. Now I will be the first to say that I am not righteous, but what I am doing is.

If Conservatives do not start paying close attention to what is happening in our school system, we will continue to produce zombies who simply listen to the government and the mainstream media. So even though we may repeal this healthcare in the coming elections, if we do not put an end to Liberal controlled education, we will simply end up back here again in the next generation, only worse. After Obama was in office for a couple of years I remember Sean Hannity declaring “I almost wish Bill Clinton was back in office.” If education is not taken back who will be president in ten years that will make us state, “I almost wish Obama was back in office.” If that does not scare you… nothing will.

Education is everything. What we teach is the most vital issue of today and whoever controls it, controls the future of America. WE must take education back!

Jim Blockey
Retired Teacher
Author – “Public Schools – The Worst Case of Child Abuse in American History”

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