Freedom Of Speech …….Or Not

I woke up this morning to hear the alleged ‘Fair and Balanced’ Fox News report a story that broke yesterday of former baseball star Curt Schilling’s suspension by ESPN. The retired Red Sox pitcher, presently a broadcaster for Little League baseball, had been disciplined by the network for tweeting a correlation between Nazis and terrorist Muslims.

The tweet went something like this:
The math is staggering when you get to the numbers:
It’s said only 5-10 % of Muslims are extremists
In 1940, only 7 % of Germans were Nazi’s. How’d that go?

Fox and other outlets, including ESPN, expressed Schilling’s insensitivity for offending two groups of people. Schilling may have been guilty of lack of judgement and for not being “politically correct,” but I contend even though Schilling later apologized and has since removed his Twitter post, the analogy would and should cause “fair and balanced” people to consider the correlation.

The tweet had been startlingly on point. Fox News, of all media, does not recognize the real story is freedom of speech. Our First Amendment rights are on that precipitous slope called slippery. ESPN has, by its actions, shut down and violated Mr. Schilling’s right to express his opinion.

Let me get this right. Mr. Schilling was accused of being offensive to Germans/Nazis who tried to annihilate the Jewish people by gassing and execution and the Muslim extremists who are doing the same today via suicide bombs and beheadings. Yet Schilling can’t offend or hurt the feelings of the Nazis and extremists with, of all things, WORDS!?

Furthermore, if you consider the low percentage, with the estimated Muslim population of 1.6 billion, 5% extrapolates to approximately 80 million extremists. Even for the naysayers, 1% would be 16 MILLION extremists. As Schilling suggested, a wake up call is in order when you consider the number of terrorists willing to carry out Hitler’s vision of killing Jews and maybe Americans.

Fox News ought to be ashamed for not standing up for Schilling’s right to his views, or for recognizing the slope they are on themselves. Our freedoms are under assault by the Left and the complicit media. God forbid words offend those guilty of hatred, genocide, and much worse.

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