Grow Your Own Voter – Just Add Stem Cells

In a move that would have frightened science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, new light has come that the stem cells harvested from 17-22 week child-“donors”– the pre-born aborted children — were sold by Planned Parenthood.

These stem cells may have been used to develop “humanized” mice.

According to

Tissue harvested from thymus glands and livers of human babies (or what the report called “donors”) was transplanted into mice at a Montana National Institutes for Health laboratory. This comes from an April 2014 report detailing the process used to create these mice in hopes that other researchers could duplicate this process.

The justification of the research was described in the report “…as a model to study immune responses to HIV infection and to help us determine the basic mechanisms of vaccine protection against acute and chronic retroviral infections. The goal of these studies is to develop new ideas for HIV vaccines and therapies.”

So America’s baby trash will become the vaccinations of the future?

I don’t have to tell you who pays for this. Nevertheless, as CNS cites, this entire line of study is funded by a government grant, a disingenuous term for “your tax dollars” of almost $7.5 million dollars, if you total up the $2.5 million in annual funding from 2013, 2014 and 2015.

As if funding abortion wasn’t bad enough, we are also funding the research done on the “less-crunchy” parts of the babies who were murdered during that abortion in the name of “health.”

Those who worship at the alter of “science” must be so happy. Good to know those little “mongrel babies” are making the world better for Progressives.

The irony of this story is that Progressive rats are looking for better versions of themselves. Let’s hope they are successful, as you simply can’t get any more vile than the current batch of Progressive rodents.


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