Guess What the EPA Got Away With?

Hold on Erin Brockovich, there’s nothing to see here.

It’s ok for the EPA to poison your water. This is because for the Left, the EPA are the good guys.

As reported at Twitchy:

Apparently, not. The EPA is under fire today after workers from the agency accidentally triggered a leak of wastewater while attempting to clean up an old gold mine near the city of Durango, Colorado, sending an estimated one million gallons of the toxic liquid into the Animas River.

Yellow river
When the government dumps toxins into the water supply, it’s “no harm, no foul!”
As if Obama proves anything about Leftist-controlled government, no matter how big the mistake, the government is not at fault; even if that mistake is the man himself.
Imagine for one second if a “regular” company did this, say like BP? What will the government fine itself over this incident? From where will the outcry come?



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