Hillary’s Server a Victim of Chelsea’s Postpartum Depression

Here’s a hilarious, “What if?!” written by The Daily Rash.

They accuse Chelsea Clinton of deleting Hillary’s emails due to post-partum depression. Or at least, “that the Clintons’ story and their sticking with it.”

Wouldn’t that be sexist? Whatever.

Let’s face it, that story is as believable as anything we’ve heard from Hillary. Every time she speaks on the issue, I feel like I’m listening to a child tell you how the lamp got broken.

Or better yet, why Hillary didn’t do her homework.


Here’s the a snippet from The Daily Rash:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Thank you for joining us today Madam Secretary. I also want to welcome your lovely daughter Chelsea. I don’t mind admitting that next to President Obama you are two of my favorite people. Now, let’s play Hardball!

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HILLARY: Thank you for having us, Chris.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Madam Secretary, for months you have been under fire from rabid right wing conspirators about your private email servers. How are you holding up?

HILLARY: (laughing loudly) Oh, it’s going to take a lot more than pointless accusations from neocons to ruffle my feathers, Chris.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Ha! After all these years I guess you’re used to it, huh?

HILLARY CLINTON: (laughs loudly) They’ve had it in for me ever since I worked on the Watergate investigation.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I think republicans are just jealous of how accomplished you are. (Looks at Chelsea) You must be awful proud of your mom.

CHELSEA: I have the best mom in the world, Chris.


When they start to lampoon you, your at the end. And Hillary is at the end. With recent overtures of Biden’s entry into the presidential race for the Democrats, there simply is not enough spin for this wash cycle.



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