Hispanic Woman Defends Donald Trump

Bucking everything the liberal media would have you believe, Katrina Campins, a contestant from Celebrity Apprentice, said recently on CNN that she likes what Donald Trump said about immigration.

The shocking news about her statement is that she’s a Latina. We are told that Latinos disagree with Trump (and Republicans) about illegal immigration, when in fact this is not true.

Campins pointed out Donald Trump is highlighting the issues around legal immigration, and that many Latinos respect that.

She felt that Trump would help legal immigration by streamlining the process and lessening the expense.

She said she has a personal stake in this as her husband is going through the process right now. She appeared frustrated by the media’s response to Trump, saying that they twist everything he has to say.

Keep in mind the issue of legal versus illegal immigration was being discussed. And if that isn’t wild enough, it was being discussed on CNN.

Somebody needs to get that memo to Ricky Martin about Trump’s view on this being absurd. Looks like not all Latinos agree with you, “La Vida Loca!”


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