HitchBOT Dead: But at Least He Wasn’t Sold for Parts

Let what happened to HitchBOT be a lesson to all Canadians willing to brave the mean streets of Obama’s America.

You will be KILLED!

As reported by Canadian news:

A video purporting to show the grizzly death of a hitchhiking Canadian robot is bringing many online users to new levels of shock, anger and sadness.

The Canadian researchers responsible for hitchBOT, a child-sized “social robot” famous for its cross-country travels, confirmed over the weekend that their creation had been destroyed beyond repair.

“The head, as far as we know, is missing,” said McMaster University professor David Smith to CBC News, noting that some of its electronic parts had also been stripped out.

Do we know HitchBOT’s history? Was he a member of a little biker gang of robots in Canada, and he was on the lam?

Was HitchBOT wearing a CROSS? Because not only did somebody kill HitchBOT, the perp decapitated him as well. I’m not telling the cops how to do their jobs, but I’d take a look at some Muslims in that part of Philly.

It’s too bad that HitchBOT wasn’t warned about Obama’s America, an America that has seen an ungodly spike in violent crime, and he might have avoided the urban indoctrination centers. HitchBOT should have been armed!

It’s my understanding that HitchBOT had only been in the U.S.–yes, legally–for two weeks. And it was his first visit.

HitchBOT’s demise reminds me of the tourists in FL who were killed when thugs spotted the rental cars.

Speculation is that HitchBOT was attacked Saturday night in Philadelphia while waiting for its next ride. But for all we know, HitchBOT was killed in a street crap game gone bad. Or maybe HitchBOT was caught hiding cards in a poker game? Who can trust the media for the real truth.

The story continues:

As one of the last two people to see HitchBOT alive, Philly-based YouTube star Jesse Wellens has been particularly invested on finding out what happened to it.

Wellens and his friend Ed Bassmaster picked the bot up in the early morning hours of Aug. 1 and dropped it off near Elfreth’s Alley and 2nd Street, as confirmed by HitchBOT’s live map.

“Dropping the Robot at Elfreths Ally,” Wellens tweeted to his nearly 900,000 followers shortly before 4 a.m. ET. “Waiting for one of you peeps to pick it up.”

Has anybody investigated Wellens? Maybe he and HitchBOT had a YouTube beef that got settled that night? It’s usually somebody close to you, right?!

HitchBOT did film his own demise, ironically. His last video, as his head was removed.

Needless to say, the Left are outraged at the death of HitchBOT! We do know that Hitch was not killed by Planned Parenthood, as they would have dissected him and sold him for parts.




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