Hollyweirdo: Sharon Stone Unplugged

The Left are pretty easy to spot, especially in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone recently did a nude photo spread (ok, I could have chosen a different word), at the age of 57.

Who does this? I’m not saying Stone isn’t nice looking for a 57 year old. But why the need to show it off.

As reported by Fox 8, the Stone spread sparked controversy:

The spread, “Sharon Stone Reveals All,” features flawless images of the 57-year-old nude except for Jimmy Choo stilettos and designer jewelry.

Nice product placement, Jimmy Choo, but that’s not the controversy.

The images accompany an article in which she recounts her struggle to revive her career after a debilitating brain hemorrhage in 2001.

She says the experience taught her to capitalize on aspects of her identity other than her sex appeal, culminating in her latest project, “Agent X,” a new TNT series debuting this fall in which she plays the vice president of the United States.

Let’s be honest: There is no such thing as a flawless 57-year old. You can look GREAT…for a 57-year old, but you are NOT flawless. Let’s not begin our story with a blatant LIE, Liberals.

Most of us would agree that when Stone was 30, she was just OK. Only one time did Stone come close to glamorous, and that was when she did the “crotch shot” in Basic Instinct. They made her sexy, but that was short-lived, as people were caught up in Pamela Anderson, and well…Pamela Anderson.

Next, there is this little issue of PHOTOSHOP! Talk about giving that product a workout!? Who do these people think we are? Lemmings? Just tell us that you have created a fake version of Sharon Stone, and given it a backdrop to get people to pay attention to the stupid TV series you want us to watch. Sex sells! WE GET IT!

Because if that’s not it, then it might lead to the bigger controversy of the need for celebrity 50-somethings to showcase their butt lifts, tummy-tucks, botox, cheek implants, and other fake accouterments. Geez, if I had the money most of these women had, I’d own half of Beverly Hills. You could feed a village of Somalians with what one Hollyweird woman spends keeping herself looking ten years younger.

There’s an idea to end Somali pirating: donate the plastic surgery budget of three 50-something Hollywood actresses.

Stone isn’t flaunting good, clean living. She’s flaunting success. Isn’t that supposed to be taboo?! You want controversy, let Laura Bush do that spread, and I give you CONTROVERSY!

When do Hollyweirdos grow up? What is their incessant need to look like 20-somethings, and then LET US KNOW. It’s like they are rubbing in our poverty. At best, a redneck is happy to get his wife of 20 years fake boobs. So what if all around them looks like the aftermath of Katrina!

Most Americans just take the pill. We don’t have the expendable income to do more than get a bit of Oil of Olay (note shameless plug), and pray for good genes.

Liberals see aging as a bad thing, because they never want to grow up. I understand the allure of youth. But any sane person would gladly leave their naivete behind, opting for brains over beauty.

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