America making black millionaires for decades

Admit it white people, you sneaked in to see Straight Outta Compton!

Yes, Hollywood has released Straight Outta Compton, to celebrate the opening of Cop Hunting Season!

Gary Gray’s N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton topped the box office this weekend with a massive $56.1 million racist opening. Racist, you ask?

Yes, racist. How many white people do you think attended this movie? The good news is nobody was shot at a theater over the weekend.



Members of the Los Angeles Police Department openly protested against the film’s release.

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LAPD wasn’t happy about it, as I read:

In an interview with TMZ, Police Protective League leader Dennis Zine said the movie portrays cops as “beating machines.” He added, “It’s a terrible time to release a movie like this. It adds fuel to the fire for hating cops.”

Other police officers told TMZ that they believe Universal “is putting profits above the safety of the officers who make L.A. safe.”

In his review, Collin Brennan said one of the film’s greatest strengths “lies in its unflinching brand of social commentary,” adding:

“Gray sticks his camera right in the faces of racist LAPD officers, and it’s at these moments when his film feels most relevant and least reverential. Police brutality has been an omnipresent issue since Michael Brown was killed a year ago, and the Black Lives Matter movement has helped to shine a light on the systemic injustices facing young black people across America. Watching scenes in which the N.W.A. crew is repeatedly abused and harassed by cops, one can’t help but draw a connection between then and now. ‘Fuck the Police’ remains a powerful song, and Gray does an admirable job of shining a light on its still-relevant source material.”

They weren’t the only people upset about the depiction, as according to Time:

In an interview with the Wrap, Attorney Thomas Mesereau blasted the film, which chronicles the rise of the Compton-based gangsta rap group N.W.A.. [Former rapper turned inmate] Knight is portrayed in the film by a lookalike with a brash style and a penchant for violence. In the film, his character physically attacks N.W.A. leader Eazy E in order to get Dr. Dre out of his contract.

Mesereau, however, insists the story is “exaggerated” and that his client is “misunderstood.”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t like it because a lot of it is exaggerated and silly and ridiculous,” Mesereau told the Wrap, given that Knight can’t see the film because he’s in jail.

What is Suge in jail for?

Knight is currently awaiting trial on charges of murder and attempted murder after allegedly running over two men on the set of a Straight Outta Compton promotional video.

But as we should with the Clintons, let’s look at what Suge has done GOOD, not his bad stuff:

He added: “A lot of the media does not realize how many good things he did for people, particularly in his community…He financed athletic facilities in schools, he gave money to the homeless, money to people in need.”

“He’s a good person, and this will come out in due time,” the attorney said.

Sure, at his execution!

Back to the cops, because they have gotten a bad rap. You see, the irony of this movie is the guys who the movie is about SURVIVED COMPTON?! How did the cops miss them?

By not doing their JOB and killing N.W.A., the cops allowed these young black men to profiteer off the cops, and grow up to become mega-millionaires.

Who authorized this? Maxine Waters? She is one of the Liberal Negroes who created Compton! She got blacks to self-segregate under her “protection,” and with their vote, she maintains that veil of protection. N.W.A. ain’t got nothin’ on the CBC. The Congressional Black Caucus has some serious Niggas With Attitudes.

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