How Do You Think the Media Would Cover THIS Democrat Irony?

OK, Republicans, We GET IT. You have far more qualified candidates than the DesperateCrats!

The Republicans have an attorney who has argued before the Supreme Court more than Bill and Hillary Clinton have had sex in their marriage. And he happens to be of Cuban descent; yes a Latino.

And what of our black BRAIN SURGEON?! A woman who was CEO of a Fortune 500 company. An Indian who was elected governor of a SOUTHERN STATE!

Holy Moly, Batman, who are these Republicans?!

Notice the Leftist media haven’t talked much about the Old White Guys’ Club on the Left. The Party of Slavery; yes the Democrats. The Democrat Party looks like it has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel, white retreads who make Casper look like he’s a Nigerian ghost.

And the Republicans just keep adding candidates. Say what you want about the Republicans, at least they HAVE CANDIDATES!

The Democrats don’t have a single qualified candidate. And adding insult to that irony, rumor is the Democrats will be adding Crazy Joe Biden.

The man who said “Hillary would make a better VP than I am.” The man who said she would be a fine president is being asked to run, and it is said he likely will.

Can you imagine the desperation the Democrats must feel if they are asking Biden to run? This is likely the best bargaining position Biden has been in, in his life!

The Democrats are so pathetic, they couldn’t even scare up a black candidate or a Latino candidate…or a real woman. All of the “token” Democrats have too many shady deals in their resumes–yes, worse than Hillary, if that’s even possible–so no red meat for the zombies.

Instead the Democrats have cast their fate (for now) to a certifiable, pathological liar, who nobody likes; the “Brian Williams” of politics, taking fake shrapnel; The Dead Broke multi-millionaire.

Imagine if the Republicans were in the situation of the Democrats! The media feeding frenzy would make “Shark Week” look like feed aquarium fish. The media would be all over that story like Hillary shopping for polyester pants suits.



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