ISIS and Planned Parenthood in Merger Talks?

Taking over the world and establishing a caliphate can get extremely expensive.

For those interested investors in ISIS, the group has become quite diversified. The barbarians are currently involved in Big Oil, the selling of religious antiquities, and human trafficking, to name a few. They may now add “body parts” to their portfolio.

Taking a page from Planned Parenthood, ISIS  appears to be as eager to get in on women’s health as it pertains to making a profit off human beings. CNN reported earlier this year on the likelihood of ISIS’s involvement in the harvesting of human organs. Organs have been reportedly retrieved from kidnapped individuals, wounded soldiers, the executed, and sex slaves.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes, the chair of the University of California, Berkeley’s doctoral program in medical anthropology says this of ISIS’s human organ business:

“Dead bodies, once they are disarticulated, pulverized, processed, freeze-dried, etc., are so far removed from the ‘human’ person that they are simply commodities.”

“The demand for fresh organs and tissues … is insatiable.”

“Fresh kidneys from the brain dead or from those executed with the assistance of trained organ harvesters are the blood diamonds of illicit and criminal trafficking.”

Iraq’s ambassador to the United Nations apparently asked for an investigation into these gruesome allegations back in February. Considering the close ties between the Organization for Islamic Cooperation and the communist based United Nations make it unlikely that any justice will come from them.

These are the very people that Obama and other Liberals happily bring in droves to the United States, as hundreds of thousands of Muslims seek “asylum” in other countries.

Most retain their Muslim faith and will not assimilate into the host country’s way of life. They will raise their large families while admonishing them never to become friends with the infidel. The Islamic strength will grow, mosques built, and thus furthering the grand idea of the caliphate.

It’s just a matter of time before ISIS and Planned Parenthood complete their merger.


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