Kevin Jackson Spars with White Professor about Being Black

Recently on The Kelly File, Kevin Jackson pointed out some sticky facts to Mark Hannah, an Obama operative who found it hard to believe that it is Democrats who are at fault, when it comes to policing.

Kevin pointed out that what’s happening in Ferguson is an attempt to “colorize” the city’s leadership, at the very least, and certainly to make it more Democrat. The inevitable outcome will be like all the other “urban indoctrination centers,” where crime flourishes, but nothing good happens.

Hannah sat incredulous at Kevin’s responses pointing out the management and leadership of Ferguson being such enormous failures in light of renewed protests surrounding the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.


The Obama flack continued to try and give Megyn and Kevin a history lesson about Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, (NOT a Democrat) and how he tried to heal things with the races back in the 60’s. Megan encouraged him to live in the present – that it’s 2015 and we need to talk about the issues we have now.

Kevin pointed out that these are all issues that were SUPPOSED to be solved by installing black people into the leadership but has failed miserably. Instead, these issues have been exacerbated by the likes of former Attorney General Eric Holder, the current Attorney General Loretta Lynch and our own illustrious president Barak Obama.


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