Which Kind of Prepper Are You? (And Which One Should You Be?)

Are you paying attention to the signs? Scientists say the sun will go into a prolonged cooling period which could spell disaster for the world’s food supply.

China is moving away from the dollar, and illegals are pouring over our borders, taxing our already over-drawn entitlement system.

The two parties are at war with each other and Washington is at war with the American people. Soon those worthless bits of green paper will be get you nothing. So what are YOU going to do?

If your answer is “nothing,” you can stop reading right now. But if you’ve had 5 seconds worth of thought on the topic of what comes next, read on to see which type of prepper you are. According to the website All Self Sustained, there are 5 kinds of preppers and only ONE of them will prevail after the excrement hits the fan. Author AL explains:

  • The Tacticool Prepper – lots of guns and ammo and if you aren’t prepared, he’ll come to your house and take all your food, guns, etc with his superior fire power.
  • The Conscientious Objector – peace, love, dope (or lots of food and seeds). Doesn’t like guns. The first target for the Tacticool Preppers after the event. Lots of supplies and no resistance.
  • The Balanced Prepper – a little bit of guns, a little bit of crappy food. Eventually, runs out of food and either gets taken by the Tacticool Prepper or becomes one himself.
  • The Practical Prepper – highly prepared and well-trained. Knows what to do for the long-term but unless he’s in a community of like-minded folks acting in concert, it will be hard to fight off looters after a while.
  • The SF Minded Prepper – This is the one to be. Ready, trained and in a group or community with a whole bunch of others like you. It’s the “Special Forces” mentality of having an auxilliary force and know where to be or where to get to when all hell breaks loose. PS – they don’t make a big deal about prepping either.

Here’s AL’s parting words on the subject:”Not everyone can own a farm and hold down a job, I get it. Now is the time to network. Now is the time to practice those skills on your half acre plot in the subdivision. It does no good to load your bugout bag with nothing but ammo and a bag of jerky. You need a knife and the skills to sustain yourself with other food sources when the jerky runs out. It’s not about gear, it’s about skills and community.” One day preppers won’t seem weird.

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