Lesbian Fish?

If you happen to have seen the movie Finding Nemo, you will undoubtedly remember Nemo’s sidekick, Dory.

Dory was the forgetful fish who vowed to help Nemo find his father after the tragic death of Nemo’s mother.

The voice of Dory was Ellen DeGeneres, and she did a wonderful job in the role as second fiddle to the little clown fish, Nemo. So Andrew Stanton, who co-directed Finding Nemo, has decided there needs to be a sequel featuring Dory. Yes, America’s second favorite fish, who helped Nemo reunite with his father, will get her own movie. That’s right, we will replace the family-centric clown fish, with the eccentric and somewhat demented Dory.

According to Wired, No One Is More Excited for Finding Dory Than Ellen DeGeneres. And why not, when you can get the opportunity to add a bit of the LGBTQ propaganda to a film for kids!

In the new movie, set six months after the last installment, the forgetful fish Dory (DeGeneres) actually remembers something: her family. Her mother, Jenny (voiced by Diane Keaton) and her father Charlie (Eugene Levy) are in a facility in Monterey, California, and once she remembers she has to get back to them.

You can bet that along the way, Dory will visit a Lesbian bar and have a bit of sushi with some of her old forgotten girlfriends. Or better yet, Dory will find herself in the midst of a “Vote Hillary” campaign, complete with feminist fish wearing Margaret Sanger shirts.

Now I’m not hating on Dory. Admittedly, DeGeneres created a fun character with Dory in Finding Nemo. However, what does concern me is what “message” kids will be subjected to as Ellen DeGeneres expands on Dory’s lifestyle. If history is any indication, the creators of this sequel will do what Leftists do, and that’s poison a fun story of family with social commentary  –  cleverly disguised, of course.

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