How Liberals Measure Success: Rehab or Jail

The Left are interesting creatures.

Leftist parents measure their success by the number of kids they keep out of rehab or jail.

“I was lucky; I only had one of my kids in rehab and only two of them went to jail.”

They constantly want to change about America, as citizens of other countries flock to America in droves.

For Liberals, there is no correlation of people leaving their God-forsaken countries to come to America. Legal immigrants and illegal invaders will do just about anything to be part of America.

The irony of this is that America’s Leftists tell us that these other countries are so much better than America. These countries have nationalized healthcare and free schools, yet their citizens still leave. Further, we are told that the illegals invaders are good for our economy. Further irony is that these people leave countries that are financially distraught.

Liberals blame America for global climate change and say it is the most dangerous issue we face on the planet.

Ever asked one of those Leftist A-holes, “Exactly what temperature are we trying to get Earth?

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How’s ObamaCare doing? Remember when we got the numbers all the time? Are all those new IRS agents saving lives? Forbes says that now less than 10 percent of the people are not insured in America. How many are now under-insured than before? How many people are paying astronomically more for worse cover, than they did with their previous coverage.

America spends more on education, and we consistently get less with America towards to bottom. What is the true state of unemployment, and why don’t we measure more truthfully? Why isn’t Obama bragging on the stock market, which recently dropped back into the 16,000. Why is there no talk of the RECOVERY?!

Are we more respected in the world? Is Obama respected as a leader in the world, or ridiculed as the idiot that he is? Is Hillary Clinton respected? John Kerry? Joe Biden? Name me ONE Obama administration person who is respected anywhere outside of Liberal circles?

Illegals laugh at us. They kill our citizens at will, then return to Mexico and recruit others. If you were Mexican and got treated this well, wouldn’t you go get friends and return? The Iranians scoff at us. Who does a nuclear deal, with a group who yells “Death to America!” before the ink is dry?

The only thing respected in America is THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! The Left has allowed America to be a whipping boy, a battered wife, capitulating to the whims of ALL Leftist notions. Because of Liberals, America is in rehab. Next step for us is a metaphorical jail.


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