What the Media Didn’t Tell You about Memphis Cop Shooting

Citizen journalism is what will keep America strong, and fight the scourge of the Left.

The Left are scandalous, as they set their fake narratives, force-feeding Americans their nonsense.

When the police officer Sean Bolton was ambushed and shot in Memphis, TN recently, this black neighborhood put blue balloons up as a tribute to the fallen officer.

In Memphis today they honor the cop who was killed

Why didn’t the lamestream media report this? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Black people don’t all hate the police. They know that the police are necessary, and in fact, many of our family members and friends are police officers.

But with Liberals, they want blacks to NOT respect the police.

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“Snitches get stitches.”

The disservice done to blacks by the media is scandalous. Many blacks live in the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, and if there is anybody who should cooperate with police, it’s blacks. Most blacks know this, but are afraid to speak out.

Kudos to the people who honored the life of a good man and police officer.



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