Meet the New Bush Baby: It’s Not from Africa!

When a white woman has a bush baby is it racist? Not if your name is Bush!

And that just what Jenna Bush Hager did, was having herself a Bush-Hager baby, which for the left is a “Bush hater” baby!

Isn’t the birth of a former president’s granddaughter big news? Or is hoopla over baby births reserved for black rappers and white Democrat dignitaries, like Chelsea Clinton?

And here I thought in the political caste system, that rich Republican Rednecks trumped rich Democrat Hillbillies. I will review my last memo, and get back with you on that.

According to CNN, Jenna Bush Hager gave birth to baby girl named Poppy, named after her grandfather, former President George H.W. Bush, whose nickname is Poppy.

Something tells me that Britain is not celebrating the arrival of a new Bush. I guess they will leave that celebration up to Bill Clinton?


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