The New Work Entitlement That Will Crush Businesses

This has to be the most lame-brained business idea I’ve seen in some time. Without the help of government or unions, entrepreneurs have ushered in the “work entitlement” generation.

Things like healthcare, dental, and vision insurance have become the norm. Some companies offer free rides to work, food, sports facilities, and wellness.

Now one company is pushing the envelope, this coming with family leave.

As reported recently, Netflix announced in a blog post that it was introducing an unlimited maternity and paternity leave policy. It just doesn’t get any better than this. How can you get any better than UNLIMITED! Hell, I’m thinking of pulling a Caitlyn and having a baby of my own.

Ok, it’s only a year, but how long do you think you will take, if you’re given a year to not work?

Netflix chief talent officer Tawni Cranz wrote in the post that employees — whether men or women — could step out as long as they want during the first year following their child’s birth or adoption.

They can also return part- time or full- time, and will keep getting paid as usual, doing away with the hurdle of moving onto and off of disability pay.

“Each employee gets to figure out what’s best for them and their family, and then works with their managers for coverage during their absences,” Cranz wrote.

Liberals love this sort of thing, and you can bet the Fed is trying to figure out how to make this a new “No, it’s not a tax, tax” requirement.

This has been labeled trail-blazing, dare I say, game-changing. It is. And only companies who are printing money can do this.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, being able to take as much paid time off as you want, provided you get your work done, has become a popular Silicon Valley benefit — and roughly 2 percent of all U.S. companies now offer it.

Far be it for this former management consultant to throw a wrench into the monkeyworks, but don’t DARE have couples working at your company in key roles who decide to take the year off TOGETHER! Plan it right, and you can get a year off every other year. This plan pays better than the taxpayer-funded, government-sanctioned, low-income version of the baby factory payday!

Congratulations Netflix for yet another insane idea, that only acts like it promotes family.


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