Now Every Time a Black Man is Shot it’s Oppression

Another black man was shot in St. Louis. So are black people supposed to lose their minds every time a black thug is shot?

I’m guessing that’s how it works now.

If that’s the case, then there will be lots of oppression since Liberals have created lots of black street thugs.


I got a call from one of the news bureaus informing me of the shooting in St. Louis, asking if I had heard anything. I had not.

When I did read the story, here is what I found out from CNN:

Dotson said two young men ran out of the back of a house when authorities arrived to carry out a search warrant.

“Officers in the rear alley ordered them to stop and to drop the gun. As they ran, one of the individuals turned and pointed the gun at the officers. There were two officers in the alley. Both officers fired,” the chief told reporters.

The suspect who allegedly pointed a gun at officers was struck, and pronounced dead at the scene.

What the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Liberals in general want America to believe is black Liberals are not committing crimes. The rampant crime in black communities is (1) non-existent, (2) perpetrated by whites, (3) the product of a vast right-wing conspiracy in which the cops are complicit.

We are being told that this movement will impact the election of 2016. The Left certainly hope so. Anything to inspire blacks to get out and vote, because the Democrat ticket and Obama’s performance certainly won’t.

America is tired of racist blacks and ignorant white Leftist enablers perpetrating LIES! I’m sure many agree with me that the police using tear gas to disperse the race pimps was a good thing, and in fact the right response.

When the #BLM movement begins to address ALL black lives, then perhaps they will last longer than Soros’ willingness to fund them. Until then, they can expect people to point out the nonsense of their cause.


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