Obama Effect: One-Year Anniversary of Ferguson

The media has posted many articles chronicling the dramatic increase in violent crime in America. And in almost every case, the media ponder why.

An article on July 10 in USA Today featured theories of police chiefs and criminologists who blame the surge in homicides on things like more guns on the street, lack of funding (funding for what I’m not sure), even “blips” in the crime figures.

The media initially called the increase in crime, The Ferguson Effect; as if an obscure Midwestern town is the reason for crime increases in almost all major cities across the nation? Nice try.

2014 was a bad year for homicides, but 2015 is a record-setter for sure.

As the chart shows, Baltimore homicides are up 47 percent, Chicago up 19 percent, St. Louis up 60 percent, Milwaukee up a whopping 105 percent!

homicide ratesThese are not anecdotal statistics, but systematic, and undoubtedly a pattern of violence.

The fact is, The Ferguson Effect is really The Obama Effect. And one of Obama’s legitimate legacies will be the mayhem and destruction his race policies have created in America. The Obama Effect has no home; it’s a nationwide epidemic, as the chart indicates.

The rise of homicides and violent crime is deeply rooted in Obama’s failed policies.  While Obama has tried incessantly to take guns away from law-abiding Americans, Francisco Sanchez, the murderer of Kathryn Steinle used a gun stolen from the Feds. And it is stolen, ergo illegal guns and the criminals who use them that are the problem.

Prior to Steinle’s murder, Dylann Roof committed his heinous mass shooting with a gun obtained by virtue of an FBI screw-up. With all the statistics the Feds keep, it’s interesting to note that the Fed never discusses crimes committed with guns obtained illegally. There is no doubt that most crimes are committed with guns obtained illegally.

Obama’s disdain for the police was showcased in 2009, when he accused Cambridge police of “acting stupidly” in the arrest of a black Harvard professor named Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  Obama would jump to a conclusion yet again in Ferguson, a situation where Officer Darren Wilson was later exonerated.

Next was New York City, then ultimately Baltimore.

In many of Obama’s speeches, he blames cops for the sentiment in the “communities of color,” essentially implying that cops are targeting minorities without cause, and further implying that there “communities of color” aren’t committing crime in disproportionately high numbers. Obama weighs in select incidents involving police, and he always does so in way that brings racial division among Americans and directs negative attention to the police.

As a result, police officers nationwide have to concern themselves with being fired or arrested for any confrontation with criminals.  When criminals resist arrest, it’s never going to end pretty.   If it ends ugly, and the perpetrator is black, they have to worry about a President who will blame them for “racist police policies.”

Next come Sharpton and his band of race pimps showing up and inciting riots.

The Obama Effect is not limited to law enforcement.  It’s always about blaming others for the woes of blacks.  It’s always Republicans or conservatives not giving him the money he needs for social programs or it’s about the lack of gun control.  It’s never about failed Liberal policies in the major cities.  Baltimore is a city that has been run by liberal Democrats since 1967. Despite being the 4th highest in public school spending per student, only 25 percent of students graduated.  The unemployment rate of blacks in the neighborhood where Freddie Gray lived is 24 percent, compared to 5.5 percent nationally.  The failure statistics go on and on, and the policy of Liberal Democrats is without a doubt the reason.

The nation needs to recognize Obama’s real legacy. The Obama Effect is plaguing America and the ramifications will be felt for a long time to come.


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