Obama’s Muslim Jobs Plan

The jig is up, America. After 235 years the Left has found us out.

Shame on us for being a country. Shame on us for having founders who owned slaves. Special shame goes to those who point out that owning slaves wasn’t exclusive to white people but has gone on since known human history—and still goes on today in many places, like the Mideast and Africa.

Shame on us who believe U.S. slavery has been dealt with appropriately and it’s time to move on.

Further, how could we deprive gays of their marital rights all these years without damning the religious objections to catering to it? Bakeshops that refuse to cater gay weddings could face heavy fines, jail, or a closing of their business—unless they’re Muslim bakeries. They’ve already gotten a pass in Dearborn, Michigan, and pop out those ISIS anniversary cakes out of the oven, like Mexican anchor babies.

If Catholic priests refuse to perform a gay marriage, big trouble would emanate for the Eminences. Liberals are already toiling away at defunding Christian churches because it conflicts with their religion, Progressivism, and their Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.

Under this Supreme Court, marriage between a man and a woman isn’t constitutional, so who knows what’s next! Perhaps we will get our first same-sex birth ruling, proclaiming that indeed a same-sex couple copulated, created a child–in the second trimester–and thus same-sex babies are constitutionally better than others.

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However depressing, this does conjure up some drifting points of brightness.

As the pope and President Obama have both proclaimed, the solution to terror is to create jobs for jihadis. Due to our recent self-designation as an evil country, and our flags and monuments being called out for destruction, why not bring in ISIS. They appear to have a knack for relic destruction and revisionist history.

Talk about shovel-ready jobs! Have you looked at the number of racist Democrat monuments there are in the South? Why not begin in Robert Byrd’s state of West Virginia, where practically everything has his Grand Kleagle of the KKK stamp of approval. Destroying that infidel’s monuments would keep at least 1,000 ISIS jihadis busy for a couple of years, including overtime.

The schools named after racist Democrats would add another 2-3 years, depending on if the union were to get involved, as that might add another 5 years to any contract.

This country has a 235-year history of honoring and memorializing its heroes, so surely we could offer a decade to the jihadis to “do the jobs Americans won’t do.”

And once they have completed their contract, they can get an extension to go after all the churches and synagogues. And when that contract ends, they can just go back to being the religion of peace, performing beheadings, stonings, and mass rapes.