ObamaCare polling in…it SUCKS!

It’s not like we needed a poll to know that ObamaCare sucks, though it is nice to see it confirmed.

What did the Left expect when they stuck the government in the middle of the existing government insurance racket?

Everybody who voted for ObamaCare should be impeached or publicly flogged. Why not both!

The ObamaCare numbers have been constantly inflated to include club-footed Guatemalans and two-headed Pygmies, and supposedly millions are covered. The insurance that was supposed to cover the 31 million who were without insurance has traded 5 million formerly insured with 7 million poorly insured.

ObamaCare has changed the lives and fortune of millions of Americans, and not for the better. And like that stellar VA coverage for veterans, ObamaCare has killed many Americans.

So is it any wonder why only 30 percent of ObamaCare customer are satisfied with their coverage, this according to Deloitte’s health care research arm.

If Obama wants to brag about the number of people ON his stupid government money-grab and boondoggle, then shouldn’t he care about customer service?

It gets worse, as only about 25 percent of Obamacare customers surveyed felt they could get care when they needed it. Considering that “gangster” healthcare was supposed to alleviate that notion, that’s gotta hurt.

Finally, 16 percent of survey participants felt “financially prepared” to handle future health care costs, according to the Deloitte report. These are smart people who know that government programs are traps. Hotel Californias.

The spin is that the program is new, so we might want to give it time. Like Social Security; ObamaCare just needs more time to get more money, then go bankrupt.




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