The One Thing Black People Get that White People Want

Donald Trump recently got called for jury duty. He got exactly what most Americans want – he was dismissed.

Trump, like most Americans, is far too busy to want to serve on a jury, civic duty notwithstanding. God forbid you get on a long drawn out trial, as you earn a whopping $6+ per day. So most Americans are overjoyed not to get put on an actual court case, even if only for a few days.

But that doesn’t stop the Left from making jury dismissals racial.

The New York Times reported that in Alabama, North Carolina and Louisiana, black jurors are dismissed two to three times the rate of others. The Supreme Court is actually looking into the fact that Georgia dismissed every prospective black juror for a black defendant’s recent death penalty case.

Reasons for dismissal the attorneys have cited included:

“They were young or old, single or divorced, religious or not, failed to make eye contact, lived in a poor part of town, had served in the military, had a hyphenated last name, displayed bad posture, were sullen, disrespectful or talkative, had long hair, wore a beard.”

It appears that white people are just too “goody-two-shoes” to not get dismissed.

The article goes on to ask:

“Are criminal juries warped by racism and bias?”

Not according to the author. Black people know the ropes. They know how to get out of jury duty and do. In the author’s opinion, it’s not racism of the attorneys. What attorney wouldn’t want to have many blacks on the jury for his black defendant, as in the case referenced above.

Black people WANT to serve on juries, but have so many behaviors that preclude them from serving; white people will do almost ANYTHING to NOT serve. White people get selected, so the system must be racist. Liberal logic strikes again.

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