Planned Parenthood has how many mammogram centers?

Planned Parenthood does nothing for women that is not available through other health care facilities.

The fact that Liberals are circling the wagons around an organization founded to destroy black people, as they get rid of the Confederate flag, and all their other “I hate mongrel black people” icons and symbols is perplexing to say the least.

I guess at this point the Left would be forced to jettison Old Hillary, since she is a recipient of the “I hate mongrel black people” award, and actually finds Margaret Sanger–the founder of Planned Parenthood–to be a pioneer.

I’d say! And Planned Parenthood has taken killing of blacks (and other babies) to a whole other level.


That aside, why nobody questions the aforementioned that Planned Parenthood services can be gotten elsewhere is of interest, as is my next point.

Planned Parenthood is supposedly like a 15-year old post-pubescent NOT Gay male: all about those breasts. Yet here’s something interesting from The Federalist:

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s top abortion provider, swears up and down that notwithstanding the numerous admissions made on tape by its top officials, the organization doesn’t buy or sell organs and body parts harvested from aborted babies. Then, in order to defend its reputation, Planned Parenthood points to other medical procedures performed by the group that don’t result in body counts. One of its top rhetorical gimmicks is to reference all the mammograms that women can receive by visiting Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood helps women nationwide get access to mammograms, as part of the range of health care Planned Parenthood health centers provide to nearly three million people a year.

There’s only one problem: Planned Parenthood does not manage a single licensed mammography facility in the U.S. Not one. Of the 8,735 licensed mammography facilities in America, Planned Parenthood operates exactly zero.

How do we know this? Because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration keeps a list of every licensed facility in the country. It updates this listweekly. And the most recent list of the more than 8,700 licensed mammogram facilities in the U.S. shows that not one is operated by Planned Parenthood.

I think if more minorities were made to understand that Planned Parenthood is a boondoggle for elitist Leftists who enjoy killing minorities. Oh, and selling them.



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