Question of the Day: Is Hillary Untouchable

Folks in the Clinton campaign are brushing aside reports that the FBI is investigating Hillary’s little email slip-up, and on the surface it would be reasonable for them to do so. After all, the Obama administration has shown very little interest in enforcing the law against anyone who either crosses our southern border or votes Democrat. Hillary should be safe, right?

Not necessarily.

Let’s not forget that we are dealing with two master practitioners of the fine art of Chicago politics – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – and they are not necessarily playing for the same team.

A little over two years ago I predicted that Hillary would soon become familiar with the underside of the Benghazi bus and that prediction may be coming true. You see, Obama doesn’t especially like Hillary, and she certainly doesn’t like him. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been loyal Obama team player ever since he first concluded that Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”.

Biden obviously wants to be president, and as Obama’s VP he would be next in line, but there was always that “inevitability” thing with Hillary to contend with. Obama has already destroyed Hillary’s inevitability once, and he would almost certainly be willing to do it again for his buddy Joe.

That’s where the Chicago politics comes into play. Clearly the only thing standing between Hillary Clinton and any number of federal indictments is the Obama Justice Department, which until now has been operating under the same set of instructions regarding Hillary as every other member of the Obama administration. Those instructions may have just been changed.

Obama has let Hillary have her little run and demonstrate her weakness as a candidate, making Democrat voters and donors nervous. As Joe Biden begins making noises about possibly getting into the race, the noose around Hillary is slowly tightening. It won’t happen suddenly; Obama will be “Biden” his time (sorry, the pun was too much to resist) and giving Hillary just enough rope to hang herself. When the time is right, he will pull up the slack, Chicago style.

The question remains, however, who is the better player in this game? Surely Hillary understood who she was dealing with before she joined the administration, and she was unlikely to spend that much time working there without gathering some dirt of her own. Does she have enough to bury Biden’s prospects? Will Obama find himself under the Benghazi bus? Only time will tell, but you can rest assured this will be as entertaining as any remake of The Untouchables.


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