The Republicans and Fox News Should Thank Donald Trump

The Republican Party, and specifically, the candidates in the first Republican debate ought to be grateful for “The Donald.”

Normally, Republican die-hards, Democrat spies and media would be the only ones interested in watching the first of many Republican debates. But not this time!

Thanks to “The Donald,” millions of new viewers will eagerly watch what is sure to be a spectacle.

For the Republicans, it should be carpe diem. They finally have a promoter, and the chance to seize the day.

We Conservatives know the issues; however, the average American gets distracted easily. In fact, it’s what Democrats count on.

Why have things like Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, millions of illegals crossing the border invited by the Obama administration, and so on gotten little traction; that is until “The Donald.”

This historic debate provides the Republican Party with an opportunity to contrast its vision of and for America with the braindead vision of the Democrats.

And what a contrast!

Done correctly, even the most ignorant Democrat can be made to see how bad Obama and the Liberals have screwed the pooch and got caught on nanny-cam!

What the Republicans should do is orchestrate this event. Instead of a debate, they should each be issued talking points, like…

  • If Democrats get $15 an hour minimum wage, will they still need Mexicans to take the jobs Americans don’t want?
  • And while you ponder that, don’t you think it’s racist of the Democrats to believe Mexicans can only do menial jobs?
  • Why didn’t Obama attend Kathryn Steinle’s funeral?
  • If every other nationality can get valid voter ID, why do Democrats believe black people can’t?
  • Republicans could explain that whatever you think about abortion, should we be selling baby parts?
  • Why has crime shot up 20 to 62 percent on Obama’s watch?
  • Why are black neighborhoods so bad, and always under the control of a black Democrat?
  • Why are most big cities in financial triage, and run by Democrats?

The theme for the debates and the primaries should be “Americans deserve better than CHUMP CHANGE!”.

Thank you, Donald! And thank you for exposing the RINOs in the Republican Party.



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