Rev. Graham on Trump: ‘He’s Not a Politician. He Says What He Thinks. … He’s a Very Smart Man’

Okay, is this an endorsement for GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump? It seems pretty darn close!

As Reported By Michael W. Chapman for CNS NEWS:

Commenting on the GOP debate last week, evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham said he watched the presentation and, as far as billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump was concerned, the reverend said he thinks a lot of people agreed “with some of the things” that Trump said, and added that the successful businessman was “no dummy,” is “not a politcian,” and “says what he thinks.”

Franklin Graham also disclosed that he has met and spoken with Donald Trump.  In 2013, at a 95th birthday celebration for Pastor Billy Graham in Asheville, N.C., Trump, his wife Melania Trump, Sarah Palin, and former Vice President Al Gore were seated at Billy Graham’s table.

Concerning Trump, “I’ve met him and talked to him,” said Rev. Franklin Graham in an Aug. 7 interview with reporter Greg Garrison at, the blog for the Alabama Media Group.

“I think everybody who watched last night couldn’t help but agree with some of the things he said,” continued Rev. Graham.

Graham went on to say another important tidbit:

“He’s not a politician,” Graham said.  “He says what he thinks. He’s no dummy. He’s worth a lot of money.”

“Whether he’ll see this all the way through, who knows?” said Rev. Graham. “He’s a very smart man.”

So what do you think? Did Rev. Graham just endorse “The Donald”?


Rev. Graham on Trump: ‘He’s Not a Politician. He Says What He Thinks. … He’s a Very Smart Man’


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